Jedox Suite debuts fourth business intelligence software solution version

What do Airbus Operations GmbH, healthcare provider Berliner Vivantes-Kliniken, and medical university Universitatsmedizin Gottingen all have in common? They are all satisfied pilot users of the Jedox Suite Version 4 software solution.

The new platform unites all relevant functions in business intelligence (BI) and performance management. Business users will be able to autonomously model reports, analysis, and planning.

The user interface is intuitively familiar to Excel spreadsheet users. In addition, Jedox 4 can be customized to fit the needs of individual clients.

Jedox 4 Suite can be used in valid project controlling to keep project goals, deadlines, and budgets on track. It can also be used for production controlling and the simulation of complex costs and production.

Just take new orders or customized client requests that need to be addressed quickly,” explained Dr. Hartmut Trier, managing director and owner of automotive industry supplier Scherer & Trier. “Jedox 4 delivers the facts we need to plan production precisely and safely. Now we can adapt production planning in rolling cycles,” said Dr. Trier.

The fourth and latest version of the Jedox solution is the newest release. It features a re-tooled user interface, increased power, and improved encoding technology, which makes it it very easy to fit into established corporate IT landscape. Jedox 4 also features improved relational reporting Excel “drill-through” functionality to access detailed data and increased performance and optimized storage capability for large and extremely large data models.

This functionality lets us adapt to increasing data size, even in mid-size companies,” said Kristian Raue, Chairman of the Board of Jedox AG.

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