Webtech Wireless debuts Quadrant Manager 9.7 LBS solution for Android devices

Webtech Wireless, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology, announced on November 2 that its Quadrant Manager 9.7 and supporting services are now immediately available for Android smart phones and tablets.

Quadrant Manager 9.7 can take full advantage of the optimized mobile-user experience provided by the iPhone and iPad on Android phones and tablets to deliver its services to its customers, such as maximizing fleet operations through Webtech Wireless LBS.

The Quadrant Manager solution developed by Webtech Wireless boasts of numerous features that will make it easier for fleet managers to maximize the operational time of customers’ vehicles and drivers. It provides drivers, dispatch teams, and other users with Google traffic and weather data, new layers on Google maps, and an option to view the map from a satellite.

The solution also provides oil and gas solutions using the latest data on roads, well sites, pipelines, and legal subdivisions (LSD) in the state of Alberta. It also allows the user to control temperature thresholds and alerts, which will protect valuable temperature sensitive loads.

In a statement, Webtech President and CEO Scott Edmonds said that the Company has spend the last eighteen months accelerating development efforts and reducing its time to market with new mobile products and enhancements. He also announced that this newest release of Quadrant Manager, aimed at the Company’s commercial and government customers, is the third major release this 2012.

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