Raytheon One Force smartphone mobile app ready for first responders

Raytheon is now offering the One Force Mobile Collaboration mobile application, which will offer real-time communications, situational awareness, and an array of collaboration capabilities to first responders and groups of smart device users.

One Force users will be able to access chat, drawing, image sharing, maps, real-time position tracking with GPS, video streaming, and voice capabilities. They will able to be able to customize the new Raytheon app according to the specific requirements of each region and each department of first responders.

According to TJ Kennedy, director of Public Safety and Security for the NCS business of Raytheon, the cell phone carried by most first responders has much greater communications capabilities than their traditional police radio. However, civilian cell phones are not optimized for public safety use.

The One Force application combines the best of both devices. It gives first responders access to both smartphone technology and the tools they require for their missions.

One Force supports Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It allows first responder departments to use existing hardware and infrastructure that runs on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

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